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The Fallon County Federal Credit Union was started 52 years ago by some concerned businessmen. The field of membership has grown over the years, and so our field of membership has grown.  If now reads:

  “The field of membership shall be limited to those having the following common bonds;  Persons who live in Fallon County, Montana; persons who regularly work, attend school, worship, perform volunteer services, or participate in associations headquartered in Fallon County, Montana; persons participating in programs to alleviate poverty or distress which are located in Fallon County, Montana; incorporated and unincorporated organizations located in Fallon County, Montana or maintaining a facility in Fallon County, Montana;  Fallon County, Montana meets the low-income definition of Part 701.34 of the National Credit Union Administration Rules and Regulations (formerly Persons who live, worship, go to school in, or work in and business and other legal entities located in Fallon County, Montana); (revised 11-15-96 amd 3-19-01)  Spouses of persons who died while within the field on membership of this credit union; employees of this credit union; members of their immediate families or households; and organizations of such persons.


A credit union is a not for profit financial cooperative, owned and operated by its members. Sound complicated? Actually, it’s not.  Unlike other financial institutions (OFIs), credit unions have no stockholders; instead, they are owned by their member depositors.  When you join a credit union, you become an owner.  After necessary reserve and capital levels are achieved, profits made by credit unions are returned to the member/owner through lower rates on loans, high rates on deposits, and no or low fee services.  In contrast, at an OFI, rates and fees are driven by stockholders who consider their ownership an investment and place more emphasis on profits, not service.

Another distinct difference between a credit union and an OFI is in the leadership of the organization, the board of directors.  At a credit union, the board of directors is elected by the membership of the credit union from within the membership of the credit union.  Upon joining a credit union, you become eligible to vote for the board members who are serving you.  You also become eligible to be a director yourself.  Have you ever been granted these opportunities at an OFI?  We should make you aware, however, that if you run and get elected to the board of a credit union, you may want to consider your salary-zero. That’s right!  Unlike board members at an OFI, credit union board and committee members volunteer their time.  Why?  Because being members themselves, they care about the organization and the membership.  They simply have the members’ best interest in mind.

In May of 2004 we offered the Instant Cash (R) (ATM) card and Instant Cash & Check (R) (Visa Debit) card.

Both the Instant Cash and Instant Cash & Check cards will give you access to all Cirrus ATMs world wide to make cash withdrawals, inquires, and transfers (where available).  In addition, you will be able to make PIN-based purchases with your card at any Interlink (R) merchant throughout the U.S. including a cash-back option where available.  As an added bonus, you will have Surcharge-Free acccess to approximatley 2000 “ON PREMISE” Wells Fargo ATMs throughout the U.S. (Except California)

Use a Visa(R) Check Card to conveniently make purchases and access funds in your Fallon County Federal Credit Union savings and checking accounts.  Transactions can be performed at an ATM, PIN-based point of sale terminal or using the Visa credit option (subject to account balance and daily dollar limitations.)

To apply for a Visa(R) Check Card you can email us atfcfcunion@midrivers.com, contact us at (406) 778-2920, or visit us at the office to receive an application.

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