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At Fallon County Federal Credit Union, we offer many different types of accounts, suiting needs of all different kinds. Check out some of what we offer below:

Share Savings Accounts:  Must open with one $25.00 share.  Minimum balance is $25.00.  Dividends are paid with balances over $100.00 for any given day. The credit union pays for life savings insurance, matching your funds between $500.00 to $3,000.00 balances in your account.  We can make sub-accounts off this account number so  you can save for Christmas, vacations or whatever.  Dividends apply the same way.  Dividends are paid quarterly, and rate depends upon Net Profit for the quarter.

Share Draft Checking Accounts:  No minimum balance. Dividends are paid with balances over $100.00 for any given day. Dividends are paid quarterly, and rate depends upon Net Profit for the quarter. We have no monthly service charges.  The charges we have are associated with overdrafts, Instant Cash & Check Debit fees and transfer fees.  We have an overdraft protection program, where if your checking account is low and a check comes in that would cause an overdraft, it will transfer money down out of your savings account for a $2.00 transfer fee.  Our Overdraft fees are $10.00 per check.  We charge $10.00 for a stop payment on a check as well.

ATM Cards

Fallon County Federal Credit Union is happy to announce that as of May 2004, members were offered the Instant Cash (R) (Visa Debit) card.

Both the Instant Cash and Instant Cash & Check cards will give members access to all Cirrus ATMs world wide to make cash withdrawals, inquires, and transfers (where available).  In addition, members will be able to make PIN-based purchases with their cards at any Interlink (R) merchant throughout the U.S., including a cash-back option where available. Members will also be able to make ATM deposits at any Wells Fargo (R) ATM in Montana that accepts deposits.  As an added bonus members will have Surcharge-Free access to approximately 2000 “ON PREMISE” Wells Fargo ATMs thoughout the U.S. (Except  California)

The Instand Cash & Check card can also be used to make purchases at all Visa merchants worldwide that accept the “Visa Debit” card, including phone and Internet Merchants (the card cannot be used for Internet Gambling).

You may call the Fallon County Federal Credit Union to order your card.  It will take approximately 10 days for delivery of card and PIN. If you have any more questions about the new Instant Cash & Check card, please call the credit union at (406) 778-2920.

Check 21-What You Need to Know

A new federal law becomes effective October 28, 2004.  It is called the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, but is more commonly known as Check 21. Check processing and handling will not suddenly change at the Fallon County Federal Credit Union on October 29, but there are a few aspects of this law we want to make you aware of.

Check 21 authorizes creation of a new instrument called a ‘substitute check’  This change from a check to a substitute check can happen anywhere in the check processing cycle and Fallon County Federal Credit Union will have no control over the conversion.  A substitute check is similar to a regular check with MICR numbers across the bottom, but contains a slightly reduced image of the front and back of the original check on it.  The substitute check will also contain the following legend:  “This is a legal copy of your check.  You can use it the same way you would use the original check.”

Because a substitute check can be processed and used as proof of payment just like the original check that you wrote, it is considered to be the legal equivalent.  While we expect the receipt of these items to be rare, it is possible that as you request or view copies of your checks, you may notice a substitute check from time to time.

With an increase in imaging of checks and electronic processing by many large national banks, it is possible that you may see a reduction in the amount of time it takes for checks to clear your account.  In the past, writing a check to a bank in the Eastern United States generally gave you a three to five day “float” time before it cleared your account.  Over the next few months, those float times could potentially be eliminated.  Be sure that you have sufficient funds in your account prior to writing any checks to avoid having your check returned for insufficient funds.

If you have any questions about Check 21 and the impact on your account at Fallon County Federal Credit Union, feel free to call us at (406) 778-2920 or speak with the Manager.

Share Certificates:  Certificates written from $500.00 and up. These accounts are established for a specific term at a specific rate.  We charge $25.00 to break into a certificate before the maturity date. Call the office at (406) 778-2920 for current rates.


$500.00 Signature Loans with Beacon Scores under 650, and $1000,00 signature loans with Beacon Scores over 650.

Fully Share Secured loans, is taking a loan out on money you have invested with us up to within 90% on the entire amount you have invested with us.

Single Payment loans, or those with annual payments.

New & Used Vehicle Loans, rates vary depending on the year of the vehicle.  These include, horse trailers, boats, watercraft, motor homes, campers and Harley Davidson motorcycles.

We obtain credit reports for our applicants from Equifax.  We also have Fresh Start Loans to help you re-establish your credit.

Credit Disability and Credit life

We  offer member pay Credit Disability and Credit Life Coverages through CUNA Mutual Insurance so if your under doctor’s care and unable to work for more than 30 days, they will make your payments.  Credit Life pays your loan in the event of your death.  Premiums are added to the loan monthly based upon the current principal balance.

Direct Debit to your Account

You can authorize an outside company to make debits to either your Membership Share Account or your Membership Share Checking account.  It comes into us through ACH’s and we handle it for you.  You can also authorize us to debit your checking account at another Financial Institution to make your loan payments. Please contact us for the correct routing and account numbers.

Money Orders

We have money ordes for member convenience at $1.00 per thousand.  We also handle Cashier Checks for $2.00 each.

Notary  Service

Notary service is provided to our members free of charge.  Please be prepared to show ID

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